Sujoy, a suave and distinguished man of 45, led an enviable life. A Vice President in a business enterprise, he had great things happening in life. The new company that he had joined, was perfect. Things at home were wonderful. A lovely wife, two sons 13 & 5 and their pet, a black Labrador. A beautiful home, and whatever comes along, making life a luxury. This is what everyone saw on the outside.

What no one saw or knew of, was a voice that would often scream loudly inside his head. “I’m not good enough”. It would come as a surprise to anyone, that a man of his stature would be battling with something like this. It might sound as a small problem to many, bit for him it meant – I’m not a good father, not a good son, not a good husband, not a good employee.”. Just simply, NOT GOOD ENOUGH! And this was becoming his biggest roadblock.

He found his efficiency at work falling, because that voice had begun sounding louder and louder than ever before. More so now, when work in every way was increasing. Work responsibilities had grown tremendously. With both kids growing, his participation at home was needed more than before. He, instead, was receding in a shell, growing irritable, and turning to alcohol.

“Life isn’t worth living”, he said to me. As we began the NLP session, he realized that that voice actually was not his. It belonged to his boss and came from some 20 years ago!!! That boss’ nature was to come and scream at everyone, however, that one particular day when he screamed at Sujoy, had become Sujoy’s last day in that company. There was, therefore, a great pain associated with that phrase. Over time, the boss’ voice had become his own voice, because he would use it whenever he didn’t do something right.

The simple and powerful technique of NLP helped silence this voice and continued to work at a very subconscious level in the days to follow. That voice has left him for good. Life is different and definitely worth living…!