June of 2019, he suddenly took ill. My sister and I were out conducting a workshop and received a call from our parents. We wanted to rush back home, but that would not have been possible. There were some people that we were scheduled to meet that day, and while interacting with them we happened to individually mention our worry and predicament. Both the ladies on the other end of our conversation immediately jumped in, offering their help – for which we are forever indebted!

“I know they are worried about me”, he said. “Please tell them I’m fine. It is just my body. The inside of me is all happy and goofy! Dad (our father) and I are figuring out what to do”

And this is how the tsunami of Telepathic Animal Communication came in on us, drenching us with its sheer enormity, sweeping away all floodgates of now dwindling doubts. Tanmayi and Shraddha, while interacting individually with our dearest Pogo, gave us such congruent and precise messages, that we were completely blown over! And I mean all four of us! While we thought that he was almost gone, he stabilized and kept guiding us through the next two months, before saying bye-bye in the last week of August 2019.

Even though we had heard about Animal Communication earlier and that their messages are sharp and precise, it wasn’t until we experienced it in the way that we did, did we realize the enormity of it. Precise like, “My left leg hurts a lot.” Flashing exact images of where he was sitting next to a grey wall, facing a wooden and metallic door. Telling one of them that he has a big bone that he doesn’t allow anyone to touch and he doesn’t chew it either!

Well, what would have been the obvious next step? It was just a matter of time when we would “Just Jump Right in” – a phrase that I have blatantly made mine the soonest that I heard Manjiri, our teacher and guide into the world of NLP and Animal Communication, say them!

And for this, we only have out dearest Poggie to thank! As I look back at our journey of twelve and a half divine years, there are a lot of dots connecting! Well, that ought to be a story for another day! For now, it is Thank you Piggie!

– Nidhie