What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the foundation that holds the structure of human experience. It consists of three main pillars – Neurology, Language and Programming.

Neurology controls the function of our bodies. The way we interact and communicate with people around us and even with our own selves, is governed by our language.

Programming decides how we create mini prototypes of the world within the framework of experience. NLP helps us understand the interaction and the bearing on our behavior, of the forces at work between our mind and the language arrays that we use.


Why Neuro Linguistic Programming?

We do know that the only way ahead, is forward. We all want to succeed in various aspects of life, and yet, oftentimes, certain things hold us back. We may not know consciously what these are, but we are all a sum total of these programmes that run us – i.e. our habits; our beliefs etc.

As we chunk down the human learning cycle, we know that it is a series of events of learning and re-learning. One of the most important elements that we miss here, is – unlearning. What should we unlearn?

Lack of confidence, anxiety, an inner voice that says, ‘I’m not good enough’, guilt, anger, shame – to name some. These often come in our way and stall our growth and progress. More often than not, we don’t even know that these are there. They have innumerable anchors and triggers and come to the fore without our permission or control.


How Neuro Linguistic Programming can help us?

Buried somewhere deep underneath us, is a huge potential for excellence that is waiting to be unleashed.

The techniques of NLP offer us the Key to our Unconscious and help us work with aspects that are counterproductive to happy healthy and effective living.

So what does NLP do:

  • It teaches us how to re-programme our Subconscious Mind.
  • We can model others and orient ourselves towards Success.
  • We become masters in Nurturing Beautiful Relationships with ourselves and Others.
  • We begin living the life that we wish to create.
  • We create our Desired Future by making Personal Excellence the way of life.

Past Life Regression 


Communication With Animals and Nature

I did a basic certification program in NLP in Feb 2019 with Nidhie and Manesha. I went to the program thinking that it’ll help me learn the tricks to help other people in the capacity of a life coach. I was right. It did help me with all that. But the workings of NLP were far more profound than what I could fathom at the time.
After a year of subconsciously and consciously using NLP, I learnt to identify and subvert the sabotaging patterns in my communication. That helped me to align my thoughts with the words I spoke. The actions that I took with an aligned thought process and expression became more exacting and authentic. This change spilled over in different areas of my life, positively transforming them. My relationships became better and more fulfilling as I became an expert communicator and I was able to fully and unapologetically express myself to ask for what I needed. My work relationships became better as I was able to understand what others were speaking and not speaking to communicate. I also managed to let go of some toxic friendships and relationships with love and forgiveness, having understood the NLP behind them.
I was inspired to practice the NLP tools on myself before convincingly taking them to others (my coaching clients). As a result, I became more adept at attracting the situations in my environment by swiftly changing my emotional states from destructive to constructive ones. I overcame my codependency, procrastination, and depression (to name a few things).
Lastly, I also became a better writer as I learnt to use language as a more focused tool. I started my blog for the first time of my 9 year old writing career and let go of all inhibitions.
But all this wouldn’t have been possible without Nidhie and Manesha. They have not only been excellent trainers but have been facilitators in the truest sense. Their training for their students and participants does not end with the 5 day workshop but continues in the form of follow-up sessions, question and answer sessions, and regular check-in calls. The constant motivation and encouragement from them has been a crucial part of my tough but very rewarding journey of creating my new self with NLP.
I am looking forward to my masters in NLP. 
Ankita Singh

Content Writer, Gartner, Executive Life Coach

I’m so EXCITED to share my experience of the NLP Master Practitioners Certification Workshop!! 
9 days filled with immense learning, meaningful interactions, stretching the muscle and breaking through limitations!!! 
As I went through the Masters, I realized how effortlessly I was able to apply the concepts I have learnt in the Basics…
Really – the Masters is enabling me to BE NLP! 
In fact, just yesterday I told one of my friends — watch me 🎯
I must say that Nidhie and Manisha both are sooooo committed to the outcome of each and every participant!!! 
They put in every ounce of themselves into this space and provide us with so much more than what we have paid for 🙏🏼 
And they do this so easily, naturally and effortlessly! It’s just AMAZING 🤩 
They painstakingly enable us to bring out our very best version! 
I’m honestly saying this – I find their charges so reasonable…. 
The more workshops I attend with them, the more I WANT to attend 😇
I sincerely hope that each of you can also invest in yourself and benefit as much (or even more) than what I have 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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