How Animals and Nature communicate with us

Times are changing. You look around and you find more and more people feeling and acknowledging their connect with life other than the humans. It just feels that communication with nature – especially animals is taking different meaning.Telepathy happens to us all the time. Someone you have been thinking of suddenly calls is one very small example of it. Staying within our logical framework, we pass these of as coincidences. But telepathy is real, and what’s even more intriguing is that we can enhance our capabilities tremendously. So telepathy is when feelings, visuals, thoughts, insights, knowledge are directly transmitted over a distance.


Why communicate with Animals and Nature

For us too, it is not merely by chance that this has happened. Our dog led us on this path in a very subtle way. The moment we opened ourselves to this, we found that there is an enormous amount of knowledge that is just waiting for us. The word to reiterate is “open”, for it happens in a very different way, taking the route of telepathy, meaning – “feeling across a distance”. The word, like I said, is open. And for that we will need to trust! Trust, that it is possible!

How can it help us

What aids this channel of communication is the recognition that animals and other nature around us are spiritual beings too and are very well tuned with each other. It is important for us to respect them as fellow intelligent beings. Therefore, we begin this interaction on a completely level plane where no one is higher (as we have arrived at believing ourselves to be) or lower. In fact, if we approach them with respect and regard them as our potential teachers, we would gain tremendous insights from these interactions. Emulating spiritual qualities of animals in particular trust, love, devotion, empathy and loyalty can bring about transformation in our relationships with others and ourselves. Furthermore, impact of nature can also bring about positive alterations in our lives such as serenity and tranquility. Opportunely when we can’t uncover the solutions of our predicaments turning to Nature and animals can help us find the answers we are searching for!

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