From our childhood years to even now, we have come to realize that much of life’s lessons are learnt from Parables and Metaphors. I learnt an interesting lesson and got a different perspective from a story I received just a few days back.

While, I will talk about my learning, here is the story to start with first.


A Rabbit entered a shop and asked the Salesman: “Do you have carrots?”

The salesman looked at the Rabbit and replied: “No, we don’t have.”

The following day the rabbit came back to the shop and asked again: “Do you have carrots?”

The salesman replied a little angrily, “Well I said, we don’t have carrots in the shop. If you come back again asking for carrots, I will surely SINK A NAIL in your HEAD with a HAMMER!”

The third day the rabbit came yet again and asked: “Do you have a hammer? The Salesman replied,
“NO.” The Rabbit then asked: “What about the nails?” The salesman replied, “NO.”

Then, the Rabbit calmly asked the salesman: “Do you have carrots?”


MORAL: Don’t let the devil scare YOU, he doesn’t have anything.

Our lives are spent worrying so much about a probable answer that we do not ask our question in the first place. It’s all because of our worry of receiving the answer that we are not prepared for. More often than not, it is our many insecurities that we have nurtured along the way to growing; our unpreparedness for life’s challenges, that we worry as much.

We fear rejection [something that we take as a final verdict by the highest body of Law] that we hold back from taking an initiative. The stories of failed relations keep us from getting into relations, deeper than the surface level

It’s an endless list of….

Why did I leave the statement incomplete? Well, that was deliberate! I left it at that, because we all have a different answer that would follow.

I will share with you what the Answer is for me: The one thing that I have come to terms with, is the fact that it is an EXCUSE! I make excuses for not doing a certain chore, for not picking up the phone to make that “one” call, to not get into the regime of exercise, of not having enough water…. And then, to cover up for all that, I say that I procrastinate – Maybe, maybe not!

We often do not allow our learning to play the assistive role in our Growth. We instead, allow it to be the biggest impediment – because, it comes in an uncomfortable clothing – it’s a failure.
How then, will we be an improved version of our own self, from yesterday? And, if we have every tomorrow like every yesterday that we have already lived, where is the thrill about newness?

It is thus little wonder that we often have a rather cliched statement thrown on our face in response to a question like: How are things with you?
– just the same! Or
– Not very different! Or even
– Boring!

How is it possible??

To get a better outcome, it is important to either do new things or, to do things differently. It’s a choice that we all have. It is only for us to take one decided step, to make that one move. To just say YES – I am willing to attempt at something new and different.

Life is a journey that is travelled through the experiences that we have on a daily basis. Life is all about taking the risks and all about following the passion – allowing the “Burning desire to Win!” (

So, as we step up, let us attempt at learning from our errors, than to recede due to our errors. That’s called “Learning”
Let us ask that dumb question and get a dumb reply, than to not ask the question at all.
Let us show courage, than admit and submit to defeat without even an attempt.

Sometimes, we may have to learn the depth of deep waters and of our lessons [in essence] only after some repeat misses. The Best Goalies did not become so, in the first attempt. They have had many defeats and misses before they reached their feat of being the best.

Let’s start asking for our Carrot – You never know that you may only plant an idea of expansion with a salesman in the store. It may be a roadmap to innovations. After all, this is how ideas shape up. This is how department stores are conceptualized from just a hardware shop!

Think about it!

….to be continued….

Manesha S Sagarr