The moment of our Birth is the moment of total transformation if ever there be such a moment.

This is the time when one steps into a new reality – that of a human being. The journey of being human begins.

In the words of Shakespeare from the play As you Like It: “All the World’s a stage and, all Men and Women merely Players. They have their exits and their entrances…”

The day the life takes a physical form, is the curtain raiser to the unique play of this new individual – the DRAMA!!!

Whether in conscious awareness or not, with our Birth, the first reference is made with a number – The date, the month, the year and the time.

Here begins the number Jargon of life. Some fall prey at the hands of number and some start to play with them.

The Numbers Speak a language and for those who believe –an enigmatic story unfolds, bringing forward opportunities of a whole new dimension. Explore if you can!

For many of those who somewhere fight numbers and see it having little effect in their lives and think that it’s a smooth sailing without… Hmmmm… ask the Sailor and the Aviator on how they manage a conversation!Forthem, their every move is governed by numbers.

The fact remains that while you are reading and looking at the time or date or dialing someone, you are doing it all on, and with numbers! And then the size of the book – how many pages? … what page is a specific information on? The download time of the document… or the size of the file saved… or even the capacity of the phone – the internal memory….

… are you serious – do you really want to say – you have nothing to do with numbers!?!?!?!

Let’s talk a little more. There are many schools of thought for Numerology and, each has its own finding and its own following.

  1. Ancient Hindu System – dating back over 5000 years and even more.
  2. Chaldeans or the Babylonian
  3. Chinese Numerology
  4. Pythagorean or the Western Numerology.

We will be looking at your numbers basis the Pythagorean Numerology. What your name means in reference to your birthday date and total Birth date, month and year.

We will talk about that Key to YOU – and your uniqueness hereon!

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