I was standing by the roadside, waiting for a bus. It wasn’t afternoon yet. There was a certain stillness around, and I feel, within me too. The air had a lingering feeling of freshness, damp after the morning rain. The breeze carried with it the smell of the pines, borrowed from the owners, to bring in a deeper awareness of the place, to anyone who wanted to notice.

I smiled to myself, sensing a certain oneness with all this. My eyes went from the trees, to the stones, to the blades of grass swaying to a symphony, and happened to rest on these lovely looking pink – don’t blink or you’ll miss type of – flowers. They were just there, growing straight through the rocks, in bare minimum soil. Blooming with joy, happy just being. Who would really ever notice them, when everything else around was taking all the attention in a breathtakingly beautiful way? But there they were, blooming, irrespective.

What is the purpose of life, I often wonder. Most of us do. And this is what it is. To just be.

When we just be, we are at peace;
When we are at peace, we travel within;
When we travel within, we create harmony;
When we we create harmony, we become a source of joy for others.

In just the same way that these flowers did for me. They became a source of pure joy. A joy that lingers on even now. Would they be really thinking all this and complicating their simple, short lives? No… They just know how to be.

That, to me, is the purpose of my life.
To bloom.
To be.
Seen, or Unseen.

– Nidhie Saagar