A small drop, ever so tiny;
Frozen it lay, in the rocks high above.
The sun shone bright,
In its warmth it unfroze.
Stirring, it moved,
And to a new day, it slowly arose.

It began to move from this place to that;
Realizing soon, the path was not flat.
Exploring the surround,
with the movement it had found.
Somewhere it had to go;
It couldn’t just hang around.

It journeyed ahead and fell in a deep gorge;
Kept looking for strength, it needed to forge;
Angry and impatient, it began to revolt,
But lost more power with every outside jolt.
And as there was silence, a realization arose,
“Dig deep within, that is where strength grows”.

It needed to grow,
This was not enough;
It wasn’t impossible,
It just seemed tough.
And that is when a calmness descended
With inside journey, the outward search ended.

It built more power,
For the rocks were not kind;
So it filled the ravine,
empowered with its find.
As realization and knowledge from inside began their flow,
The deep ravine and the valley too began to glow.

A wise flow,
That it had now become,
Saw others wandering,
And called out to them.
Empowered within, empowering ‘the together’;
They thus became the mighty ocean forever.

– Nidhie Saagar