We all have laments about losing weight, but this was just the opposite! “The only time that I ever gained weight is when I was expecting my child”. This for sure wasn’t a statement made in pride by Polly, for there was hardly a time she remembered when she was not in and out of hospitals. Her stomach has been giving her trouble from ever since she could remember. Needless to say, a Past Life Regression Session was a desperate attempt to find the crazy WHY?!

The archives of her memories zeroed in on a life in Europe sometime in mid-17th century. She was standing at a window of a big mansion, fearful of going out. There was pity in her own voice for her own self. She was young, lonely and sad. Lonely, because her husband who was serving the Army (a General, she said), was hardly ever home. Sad, because she was not allowed to even stand at the window to look out, leave aside stepping out. She felt that she was barely 18, and her husband was way older. On diving deeper, she found that as he was breathing his last, her father, who single-handed was bringing her up until then, had put her in the care of the man, now her husband. It saddened her even more, for though they were married, he controlled her and treated her just like one would a child.

The only company she had in that huge cold house was an elderly manservant and his daughter. She hardly ever communicated with them, for she saw only pity in their eyes for her. But they took great care of her nonetheless!

Sadness continued to engulf her as days turned into years. She wanted so desperately to have a child of her – she couldn’t. She wanted to teach children in a local school nearby, that she used to sneak out to when her husband was away – she couldn’t. She wanted to have a conversation about this with her husband – he wouldn’t. She often cried out aloud, when alone, and stuffed a pillow in her mouth to stifle her cries when her husband was around. That was all there was to it.

The next scene opened to her standing on a mountain top overlooking a coniferous forest. They were tall trees down below that she was staring at, devoid of emotions.

“What are you here for”, I asked. “I think this is how it ends”, she said. And she jumped.

But that was not how it was supposed to end. She did not land on the ground far below the tall trees. Not only was she stuck in the branches high above, but there was this huge branch piercing right through her abdominal area. The pain she felt, even while in the session was excruciating. With some calming suggestions she was able to get past the pain to find out more. She died a slow painful death, stuck in mid-air. Her soul decided to stay by her side.

No one came to look for her. They didn’t know where to. “She” floated around and saw that her husband wasn’t quite affected by her absence. Months later her body was found by some soldiers and buried under those trees.

It still was not the end, was it? Her abdominal area was a cause of her anguish right up to this day. At that juncture, some healing was carried out for the soul that was carrying the trauma of over three centuries. She began feeling better.

Her husband from that life is the one she is married to in her current life too. But here he is playing the exact opposite role. From the time they met, he is her dearest friend and the most encouraging and a loving partner. Even before they were married, he partnered in setting up their business venture. It was her health that would not allow her to flourish and that had started to shake her confidence in a big way.

A few months after the session when I heard from her, she was in a different space altogether! “Things are better in every sense”, she said. “Stomach issues almost gone. I have put on weight, which I could never do. And overall my understanding of relations is better too”

My heart fills with gratitude, even more…