Arnav and Pranita have been married for 13 years. Call it the jinx of 13 or whatever, but life has brought them to a point where their relationship is on a brink, and nothing seems to be working. Pranita is vivacious, while Arnav is reserved and quiet. According to both of them, they have done their best to make things work. But with such strikingly different personalities, the difference in wavelength is palpable. One comes across as a child and the other, the parent. And so, it isn’t a surprise that they are, where they are.

They both wanted a PLR. Their individual sessions happened 3 days apart.

Pranita slipped into trance easily. She saw three lives. In one she grew up in a circus kind of an environment, and was sent to, what seemed like, a brothel at age 18. The time was the 1860s, in a very English setup. She seemingly lived there till the age of 35 when illness struck. As she was dying, she saw a flash of a man, who looked like Arnav, leaning against the door, watching with a very smug and a lustful expression. It dawned on her, at her dying moment, that he was the reason of her misery. In the second life, she found herself lazily swimming in a shallow stream somewhere in north India. She was extremely beautiful. She was kept there by this man, again Arnav, who would visit her often in the thatched hut with a brick floor. She was quite okay with the arrangement, until one day she was told by a messenger, that he had married another woman. She thought no more, and brought an end to that life by slashing her wrists at the age of 28.

The 3rd life was interestingly revealed to her in the spiritual realm by her spirit guide, who was her maternal grandfather in this life. Arnav, again, is her tormentor, but is he…? Because this time he wanted to marry her while she loved someone else. So now, he tried to use his father’s (her current life father-in-law) authority to stop the wedding from happening, and it did. But she rushed into the house, doused herself in kerosene and killed herself.

Here in the spirit realm, bonds were mended and the need for, and the importance of, forgiveness was understood. It happened, though rather reluctantly. Fear continued to dominate.

Of all that went by as the sequence seen above, this life is an opportunity to make things right. The only time when we can act is “now” and the only place where we can do that, is “here”… one has a choice to stay in the past and feel like the victim or seize the moment and carve out a beautiful tomorrow.

Arnav’s part to follow…


Unlike a previous session with Arnav, where his resistance was at its peak, he slipped into trance easily, just like his wife. This was indication enough, that he too was seeking answers as much as she was. Despite their togetherness, he is more of a loner.
His 1st life during the session was in Jaiselmer, Rajasthan in 1806. He was a boy, 6 -7 years old. It was a very rich household with lots of camels and horses. He identified his parents of this life as his parents then too. He was the only child. Things were beautiful and happy, when a scene flashed of an attack on them. He sensed that he was hiding behind a curtain, and witnessed the killing of his parents and all the servants of the house. All their animals were taken. A man (who he identified as his older brother in the present life) and his wife took the child as their’s. Soon, they too were killed, and the boy was alone again. The boy, now about 13, goes back to his Haveli and starts living alone. And from there he rebuilt his life and became as affluent as his father was.

Life was well, but he seemed to prefer being alone, since “everything gets taken away”. A few years further, there are ‘white skinned men with black caps, red coats, black breeches and rifles’ who ask him to either befriend them or leave. He did neither, and there was an attack on his Haveli, yet again. He was shot in his back near the left shoulder (where he carries a birth mark currently) while putting up a fight, and died. Everyone else was killed too.

And what was carried with him into the beyond, was the fear of loss and extreme sadness.

In the second life he saw himself as a little boy. He was unable to identify with the place, but he lived with his parents and infant sister in what seemed like a bamboo house propped up on stilts on a shallow part of a river. Things did not seem okay between his parents and his mother left for the city. The boy was confused and alone with his sister, as the father was out of the house too. He was looking out of the window, when a huge gush of water wiped everything. All he was aware of was him clutching his little sister in his arms before he died.

Carry forwards: Abandonment, loss, fear

In this life, he lost his mother at a very early age. He is extremely attached to his father. And he is a self-made man and does a lot for the community. But the loss that he has experienced is what might be making him stiff in relationships of the heart.
In the Spiritual realm, he is engulfed in white light. His message is to be fearless, because ever since he can remember, he has this strange, unknown fear that troubles him. Another message – Listen to your heart. And when I asked what his heart says while he was still in trance, he said that he loves his wife dearly and would go all out to make things better between them.

He has been through quite a lot of loss. I do believe, he would want to change that.
Dr Daisaku Ikeda says, “Unless you reach your destination, all your travels will be meaningless. The same principle applies to faith. Unless you fulfil your mission in this lifetime, you will have to repeat the same suffering in future existences that you experience now. This would be a great waste.