I was reading a book and, because it made so much sense to me, I thought I should take my findings to more. What I have learnt from, can certainly inspire many many more.

The learning from the book goes as follows:

Often People believe that because millions of others are Living a particular way, is thus the Best Way. They do not realize that it definitely is not the best way but instead, it’s just an average way of living. Those who are doing the Best are way in front and often so far ahead that they are almost not visible. Not even their dust would be seen. Those are the people who live and work on the Leading Edge or the Cutting Edge.

They mark the way for all the rest.

Human Beings should never be settled – and I nod in agreement. It really is okay for the chickens and the cows and the cats to settle, but it’s wrong for human beings. People start to die when they become settled [not in context of commitments or relationships]. We humans need to keep things stirred up – keeping a fire of pursuing our passions.

It all starts with just one decision –

Restate and reaffirm your goals – the things you want most to do, the place in life you want most to reach. It’s like, when you are standing at an airport at Point A, ready to board the flight to your Destination Point B.

The current “tough” times can be likened to a Great Ship in a storm. You just keep your heading and your engines running. The storm WILL pass, although, sometimes it seems that it never will. And then one bright morning, you will find yourself passing the harbor light. You heave a Big sigh of relief, maybe even rest for a while, and before you even know it, you find yourself looking seaward again. You’ll think of the new harbor you wish to visit – a new voyage upon which to embark. Once again, you are ready and you are out!

Its amazing to note how we humans work – We escape from a problem NOT by running away from them but, by overcoming them.

Whoever coined the cliché “Life is Short” really did know exactly what they were referring to and what it meant. It indeed is short! It’s short for sure, to be mimicking the attitude of others – unless, their attitudes are good. A great attitude and magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change. Great Lives can be a reality with Great attitudes. People with Great attitude naturally gravitate to the top positions in whatever they are doing. They don’t have great attitude because of their Great positions, they have great positions because of their Great attitude.

What I conclude as I put down the book for the night is – Develop a Great attitude!

Manesha S Sagarr