As I sat down watching closely how the ant was rushing – I went back in time when, as a child and, as a true bully, I would block the path of the ant, in every possible way. Each time I would block its way, it would retreat and look for another way.

This game of my blocking and the ant working out an alternate path would go on endlessly, until the time – I would call it quits.
But, the Ant would not!

Thus, the 1st lesson the ANT taught us here was – NEVER QUIT! This is profound! Quitting should never be considered to be an available option. Because, when we think of it to be an option, we often end up using it.

The thought about the ANT continued and I then realized how, the ant always appears to be in a rush. There is always some hurry that it is in.
Why? What on earth is falling apart is what I would think?
What’s the reason to not wait or rest or take a break?
Just then it struck me….
…In summer, it prepares for the winter.
It collects food every moment of the summer time and does not stop for until the Winter sets in. It’s preparing for the tougher times. It knows that time is tight and that, it has to make use of the time in preparation.
WOW – here I learnt my 2nd lessonIn SUMMERS, Think WINTER.

In winters, I was now thinking of where the ants were… I was somewhere beginning to worry. I was wondering what happened to them. And, as the winters came to a close, the Ants were back in form!
Now, the 3rd Lesson learnt was – In WINTERS, Think SUMMER.
What comes after Winter…. Just like what follows the Fall…. We must remember that no matter how tough the current times are, the sides will change, the good times are bound to return. Thus, we must always prepare likewise.

The size of the Ant may be way way small but, what it taught me was life transforming.

Let’s think like the ANT!

Manesha S Sagarr