When we think about winters, what exactly comes to our mind? Cold, wet, dark, short days, and even longer nights. Most people feel that winter is pretty grim. It is that time of the year when a lot of people go into hibernation. If we look at winter pessimistically, probably that’s what we will see. However, when you think with an open mind, you can find many fascinating facts about winters.

What can we do to accept winter and enjoy it as much as any other season of the year:

1. Surrender
Surrender happens when we decide to accept it wholeheartedly rather than giving our energies towards wishing for something else. The submission, although painful, positions us to receive all that the Universe has to offer. Acceptance is far better than fighting against something we cannot change.

If you have never done it before, practice it this season. Tell the Universe you are ready to accept whatever it has decided to offer to you this winter. The moment you communicate your intentions to the Universe with an open mind, you start feeling better. Remember, the Universe is always oriented towards our growth, even in winter. This truth is only unraveled once we surrender completely.

2. Enjoy the slow pace
When the winter sets in, the first signs are the shorter days. The days shrink, and nights take over. There is less sunlight, so the days seem very drab. Suddenly, people who enjoy evenings out want to rush back home and curl up in their beds.

Most people don’t like the short days, yet if we think about these days, winter is a reminder to give our bodies rest. Winter is the time to slow down our pace. Enjoy the lazy mornings and those extra five minutes snuggled in that cozy bed, trying to find excuses to skip work!

Even nature wants to rest in winters and conserve its energies. When it snows, all the trees get engulfed and covered in white color as if nature is telling them to close their eyes and rest for a while.

3. Nourish the inside
Winter is a time to nourish our inside though the outside feels barren. Did you know that this is the season when the plants’ roots are hardened so that they can survive the unfavourable conditions? Come spring, and they are ready to bloom again.

Let’s nourish ourselves to be ready for the coming days. Sometimes the adverse circumstances give us a fresh perspective to look at Universe. Do something you have never done before. Go out for walks and feel the wind touch your face. Talk to yourself. Enjoy the solitude and the slow pace of the day. That book you wanted to read for such a long time? Now is the time to read it! Spend time with your family.

Now is the time to look inwards and do what truly makes you happy.

4. Plan
For us, somehow, the action is more important than our dreams. For us, mostly dormant plans are equivalent to dead dreams. Not realizing that just because you can’t see a plant on the surface doesn’t mean that the roots are not waiting for the right time to come out and grow into a beautiful plant.

Winter is the time to plan and communicate your desires to the Universe. Winter is the time to sow the seed and then wait to turn into the plant of your dreams.

5. Food and Festivities:
That hot cocoa you enjoy so much in winter with a slice of walnut cake, can you relish it as much in summers? Winter is the season of chocolates, wines, cakes, and Christmas!
When you can only see the colors of festivities around you, nature decides to compliment it further by turning all white and losing some of its sheen. Will Christmas be this beautiful if it was to be in spring?

Winter is the season for festivities. Most of us don’t like going out in winters; hence the festivities come to our house. It is also the time to value your close bonds with your loved ones.

6. Learn from Children
Have you ever seen children enjoying the snow; playing with snowballs, making snowmen, and just laughing out loud? If you want to learn to enjoy life, learn it from them. No weather can dampen their enthusiasm or joy. They live from day to day and enjoy winters as much as any other season. We spend so much of our time teaching children, yet this is one lesson we can learn from them. To enjoy the moment for what it is without dwelling in the past or thinking about the future.

When we think about seasons, remember winter is just one of the cycles. There is spring waiting for you at the end of this season. Use this time to re-energize yourself and build a better life.

Albert Camus said, “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

Vibha S Kapil