Sign up – for life!

This seemed like the newest beginning – although every day is an opportunity to start all over again but, as we took to a brand new task, it was in the true sense a – Brand new beginning.

As I was, deep deliberating over the thought, I saw a message alert on my phone. This is what the message read:

“What an astonishing thing a book is. A flat object made from a tree on which funny dark squiggles are imprinted. But one glance at it and you are inside the mind of another. Maybe, somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the Millennia, they speak directly to you.”
~Carl Sagan

This message caught my attention because only recently did the five of us begin with our journey, stepping into this space of doing some creative book reading as a group. The decision to do it as a collective task made each of us more accountable to not just ensure our own progress but, that of our fellow reader too. The choice was most appropriate as I realized how important it is to have Gratitude of what we all have.

What’s the reason to look back and regret while we still have the time to look ahead and marvel at each day of Gratitude that we live.

The First of the Many from the list of Gratitude to work with is – “I will Live a Life True to myself , not the life others expect of me. I owe me this life because this all that I really know about.”

How I will come back tomorrow [in a future life], I do not know?!
How I have been in my Past lives, I have no conscious recollection of?!

This started to get the best of me, when I realized, how much it is that I can do with and for this life that I have. It’s a wish I was granted and despite the many road blocks, I was always guided to the option I could avail and a Choice I could make

When I stood on this side of the tunnel looking inside – the dark had loomed larger than life. The search was, of the light. The spec of light at the far end appeared small and almost impossible to reach, and with least hope. I decided to walk anyway. With every step in, that spec began to grow in size and with that grew my hopes. I saw what the lessons taught me. It put an interesting perspective forward. I knew, what I wanted to make of my new findings.

A moment of epiphany is what I experienced – and suddenly my face lit up.

To reach the other end of the book, each page needs to be turned to, each chapter to be completed and some to be closed. Some books are segmented in parts and then together they make for a conclusive climax.

Hmmmm…. Isn’t it the same with our life? Some lives can fit in, in just one book and some can have a sequel to it.

I now was beginning to look at life from inside the book that was in my hand.

I was reading as though, it was me who was talking. The book read:

“How can we ever know what gifts await us through the lessons on hand, if we don’t go though them? We can’t know until we proceed through.”

“I will just go where my path leads.”

“I was setting myself free of the trappings I had created through lifetimes of unhealthy thinking patterns. We all have trappings we need to free ourselves from. Most of those are not physical ones and if they are, it is likely they originated from non-physical trappings, such as unhealthy thinking and negative belief system.”

WOW…. The author was talking my thoughts. I was resonating with each word as it was being narrated.

“I silently said a prayer of thanks, for having found the courage to start breaking free of my own constraints. Like a flower, I too was now free to grow and to bloom.”

I did pray – a prayer of gratitude.

The conspiracy of the universe is what I was beginning to enjoy, because as they say – The weight of Regret is a lot heavier than the weight of Failure.

The life of Gratitude – Failure has a bigger lesson to teach, I am willing to learn! And I signed up!

Manesha S Sagarr