It’s interesting to make a trip down the lane – into the past.

Of the more famous, knowing of the Great wisdom they had and what they stood for – Like, when I read what Mark Twain had said about schooling and education, it made me think about more than what I had ever paid any attention to.

He said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education… Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned.”
Now, the concluding word became a question in my mind. Education equals UNLEARNING?! What is that?!

We have always been told to learn, because the more you learn, the more educated you are. This was new and definitely needed to be understood at a deeper level.

We are all conditioned in our growing up years, that we really must go to school and study else, we will miss out on all our plausible education. That the school is the temple of education and the better the school, the better the education one can have. I am not speaking for those who may be an embodiment of this conditioning. Nor for those who even managed the same outcome as was being fed into their minds. I am talking about the ones who had more to deal with, and those who were made to literally stand out (punished) because they, in their approach and thought – “Stood out”.

How I look at them with a lens of marvel and a WOW! They really didn’t need to fit in, when they were meant to stand out.

The way our societal set up and system is, it certainly needs more fine-tuning and refining. Oftentimes, innovations in the truest sense will come from the ones who were different. This is because, they dared to be different and they figured out the SECRET behind being different.

It is interesting to note that while much stress and emphasis is on learning and accumulating more, there is never any methodology suggested to remove the clutter of the learnt -the unlearning of all that which is not adding to our growth, nor contributing to our forward movement.

How about, we talk of ways to unlearn all of what is not helping us?

How about we redefine “EDUCATION”?

How about we start to explore ways to impart knowledge, so that we are happy with the beautiful legacy we will eventually leave behind.

Albert Einstein had thought that – “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used, when we created them.”
Is this not what the real need is?

…to Change our thinking, our working, our approach, our strategy and work out a more progressive plan of action!

Manesha S Sagarr