Reena, a beautiful a young woman on the brink of getting married, was facing a strange abdominal pain and digestive issues from 2007. Her problem had seen no change with all forms of medicines that she had been having ever since. She had been thinking about all these amazing cases of healing that I had shared with her. Undergoing a session was was just a matter of time for her, for she knew I was merely a call away!

She arrived, anxious and nervous but determined. Slipping into trance was a cakewalk. Flashes began. It was British India. She was in her early twenties had just arrived to spend time here with her maternal Uncle who was someone high in ranks, almost at the level of a Viceroy. The year was somewhere around 1912-14. Place: the Summer Capital – Shimla. As I progressed her further, she said she was sitting with Peter, who reminded her of one of her friends. Though she said it in a straight voice, an emotion seemed to flash across her face, that I caught and parked for later. They were obviously in love. Peter was one of the young officials who worked under her uncle.

As luck would have it, their secret affair became known. Her Uncle threw a fit. She was under his care, and he wouldn’t allow any of this! She felt strong arms dragging her to be locked in her room. And suddenly, she winced in pain. It was excruciating. “My abdomen,” she said. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Before progressing further, I gave her instructions to detach from the pain and view the scene from a distance. It was important to re-experience this. She said she had stabbed herself with a knife that she had grabbed from the fruit basket on the table, as she was being dragged. She was dead. And Peter? “He is in the dungeons serving a life sentence”, she said.

When I asked her what she was doing after dying, she said she was sitting with Peter. While Peter remained oblivious of her presence, this continued to be her answer until he died too of old age. And then, he went away. She couldn’t see where. That’s when her soul too moved away from the earthly plane.

While we were reviewing that life, she realized that she waited quite in vain for that man. His path and hers, though had crossed, were different. “I should have left when I died”, she said without a hint of any remorse in her voice. I casually asked her the question that was doing rounds in my head. What happened in 2007? “My friend (Peter from the earlier century) and I had parted ways.”

The event of separation with the same soul in this life had triggered an emotion of separation deep within her subconscious. A separation that had taken away from her – her life. And that pain which was embedded deep within her subconscious surfaced in the same area where she had stabbed herself and lost her life.
It is said, “We relieve, when we re-live”. Some two months later when I heard from her, she was feeling healthy again with no pain and no need of all those medicines that she had grown tired of. This was when, I felt, she had actually moved on – even though the “parting” had happened eleven years, or almost a century, ago.

– Nidhie Saagar