Zoya had developed goiter (an abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland) some 4 years ago. She had been contemplating a Past Life Regression for a long time, but her trip to India, this time, was primarily focused on hospital visits to figure out the course of action for treatment. Doctor’s verdict – Immediate Surgery. Chances of her getting better – no guarantee. In the midst of her busy schedule, we met. Since she was rather worked up, about her medical situation, it took her a while to slip into trance. Once there, though, it was an easy flow.
She experienced a lifetime in Rajasthan, married into a very well-to-do family. She could not recognize anyone from that past life other than her brother-in-law, who reminded her of here current boss (a French guy). She recalled herself as a vivacious and a headstrong young woman, traits she exhibits in this life too.

In an earlier conversation over the phone, on learning about her thyroid giving problems, I had asked her if she was going through some emotional issues that she found difficult to express. Interestingly, she realised, that ever since this guy had come as her boss, there were major issues on the work front, in terms of her promotion and performance. It was unimaginable that a person that she is, would find it difficult to express herself, and suffer so much deep within.

On moving to a significant scene in that life, she saw and felt that her brother-in-law was raping a servant’s daughter. She managed to intervene and save the girl, but that resulted in animosity developing between the two. Communication between the two came to a standstill. The man’s ego obviously wanted revenge.

Jumping next to another important scene, she felt that she was sleeping on the Jhula in the afternoon. Suddenly she felt hands strangling her. She didn’t know who it was, and the next thing she realized was that she had died, and was watching her body on the swing. The hands that had strangled her, belonged to her Brother-in-law!

The moment she saw this, she smirked. But at the same time, there was a deep realization. Rather than being upset, she was amazed at finding this connection. Forgiveness, she said, was the only way out. And she forgave him. The perspective that opened up was that that man (soul, actually) had re-entered her life to help her remove this one block. Anger was replaced with Gratitude!

The soonest that she emerged from trance, she announced that she’s cancelling the surgery. I wasn’t sure if that would be the right decision, but she was – and her eyes said it all! She just knew, that the healing will happen from deep within. The amazement of this insight, from the depths of her being, gave a different sparkle to her shining eyes.

It has been 4 months to her session now. In April, she said that the nodules in her Thyroid are 50% better. When I asked her about her health lately, her answer to me was, “Better and better, my dear!”